About CAMcube

CAMcube in short

Founded in Gatineau, in February 2013 and exclusively financed by private investments, CAMcube is an integrated technology company specialized in dentistry.

We are dental CAD/CAM experts.

Excellence, trust and innovation are the key values of CAMcube. They are the foundation of the quality relationships we have with our customers, our partners, and our employees; thus the foundation of our success. Our quest for excellence involves research and development of technological solutions.

Our team is made up of experts whose diverse and complementary skills converge into digital dental technologies.

On the technical level, our talented staff is recognized for their deep knowledge of engineering, process optimization, product lifecycle management, software development and material properties.

As for human and clinical aspects, our technicians, trainers and customer service agents are appreciated for their responsiveness, their efficiency and, of course, for their understanding of the clinical needs.

CAMcube’s mission is to help dental professionals transition into the digital era.

CAMcube has two complementary divisions:


CAMcube Production provides outsourcing services to Canadian dental laboratories. With our two locations, in Montreal and Gatineau, we are one of the largest dental production centres in Canada.


CAMcube Distribution supports dental laboratories in the integration of CAD/CAM technologies within their business. We provide first-class advice, training and technical support.