BioZir Zirconia
by CAMcube

Perfectly suited to digital technologies, zirconia is a proven medical ceramic that results in esthetic restorations with great efficiency. Our BioZir discs are available in a wide range of strength, translucency and colour variations.

Highlights and Benefits

Versatility: covers a wide range of dental applications and indications: from the single element to the 6-unit bridge, for the posterior and anterior areas.

Biocompatibility: healthy and comfortable, approved medical device in Canada.

Low thermal conductivity (1/17 of gold): good for dental pulp.

Several colours: in line with the VITA® chart.

Natural esthetics: available in colour and translucency gradients.

Resistance to hydrothermal aging: no degradation or loss of mechanical properties over time.

Mechanical performance: high flexural strength, even in demanding situations.

Excellent value: superior quality at competitive pricing.

Reliable and reproducible results: isostatically pressed, the BioZir discs have a constant and uniform shrinkage factor. The milling process is fast and does not produce microfractures.

Open system: BioZir disks are compatible with most open CAD/CAM systems.

The BioZir Categories

HS (High-Strength)

BioZir HS has a very high flexural strength. Available in white only, it is especially well suited for copings and long-span substructures. Its opacity also makes it a good choice for abutments on titanium base.

ST (Super Translucent)

The BioZir ST group offers high flexural strength while being translucent.

  • BioZir ST, in pure white, has been specifically developed for zirconia crowns and bridges to be finished with porcelain.
  • BioZir ST-PS (pre-shaded) comes in a choice of 16 solid shades.
  • BioZir ST-ML, pre-shaded and multilayered in colour, is optimal for full contour posterior crowns and bridges. It features a subtle colour gradient from incisal to cervical.

XT (Extra Translucent)

BioZir-XT has a higher flexural strength than glass ceramics, while featuring similar translucency. This combination of strength and esthetic makes it a great material for space-restricted applications. BioZir-XT is thus especially well suited to create full contour anterior bridges, as well as veneers. It is available in pure white (BioZir-XT) and in 16 colour gradients (BioZir XT-ML).


Featuring gradients in colour, translucency and strength level, the BioZir 3D-ML gets very close to the natural tooth. Following milling and sintering, it is ready to be installed, reproducing both the translucency of natural enamel and the resistance of the posterior tooth. Its lower incisal resistance preserves the opposite dentine.

Overview Table – Properties and Indications For Each BioZir Category

Strength (MPa)
TranslucencyColoursRecommended IndicationsSintering TemperatureCost
BioZir HS
High Strength
No 1300 35 % Solid white Substructures
Abutments on on Ti base
1530°C $
BioZir ST
Super Translucent
No 1200 42 % Solid white Substructures 1530°C $
BioZir ST-PS
Super Translucent
No 1200 42 % Solid
16 colours
Abutments on Ti base
1530°C $$
BioZir ST-ML
Super Translucent
Yes 1200 42 % Gradient
16 colors
Crowns and bridges
Full posterior crowns
1530°C $$$
BioZir XT
Extra Translucent
No 650 49 % Solid white Anterior full crowns and bridges
(max. 3 elements)
1450°C $$
BioZir XT-ML
Super Translucent
Yes 650 49 % Gradient
16 colours
Anterior full crowns and bridges
(max. 3 elements)
1450°C $$$
BioZir 3D-ML Yes From 600 (incisal)
to 900 (cervical)
From 57 % (incisal)
to 43 % (cervical)
16 colours
Anterior and posterior full crowns and bridges
(max. 6 elements)
1450°C $$$$