CAD/CAM Systems

CAMcube helps dental professionals integrate digital technologies into their business and fully benefit from them. Our CAD/CAM expert staff provide first-class consulting, training and technical support.

Use leading-edge technologies with the support of our expert staff.

Whether you are already familiar with CAD/CAM tools or have not yet tried any of the new technologies, our advisors will guide you in selecting the right solution for your operations and support you in its optimal use.


We offer scan and design training on Dental Wings® technologies.

Purchase or Lease

For laboratory and intraoral scanners, we offer flexible purchase and lease packages, depending on your needs.

Online Store

To order dental materials and milling tools.

Here is an overview of what we can provide.

S10 Intraoral Scanner

Start off the digital workflow chairside with CAMcube’s S10 intraoral scanner, which quickly captures clinical data accurately, powder free, and with color. Its remarkably small small handpiece holds a removable autoclavable tip for easy sterilization.

D10 Dental Laboratory Scanner

Compact, versatile and accurate, the CAMcube D10 fulfills standard production needs. It features outstanding scan and post-processing speeds and automated bite alignment registration for both impressions and models.

Planning Software

coDiagnostiX® is a comprehensive digital implantology solution. From implant positioning to design of the surgical guide, it is a proven tool that helps dental specialists achieve reliable results while increasing their productivity.

Design Software

DWOS® by Dental Wings® covers a wide range of dental indications: crowns, implant bars and bridges, custom abutments, full and partial removable dentures, inlays, veneers, bite splints, orthodontic archiving, etc.

Milling Equipment

Whether for 4 or 5-axis milling, dry or wet, zirconia or metal, we will advise the equipment that best suits your needs. We distribute imes-icore® CNC machines, sintering furnaces by Dekema®, Nabertherm® and imes-icore®, as well as dust collectors by Quatro®.

3D Printers

Available soon