CAMcube Production offers a full range of implant solutions on most platforms available in Canada, including several types of abutments and bars. The offer includes a surgical planning service with coDiagnostiX software, as well as 3D printing of surgical guides.

From Abutment Milling to Complete Case Management

You can solely request us to mill the abutment you have designed, or ask us to manage the case from the digital impression and tomography (CBCT scan) files. We will then plan the surgery and design the components to provide you with all prosthetic elements as well as the surgical guide.

Available Implant Platforms

As for custom abutments, we give you access to the most commonly used implant brands through our partnership with Medentika®. Additionally, we offer original Straumann® and Dentsply® abutments.

Use our surgical planning service to provide superior treatment.

Our solutions for implant cases

Custom Abutments

The custom abutments we mill are compatible with the most widespread implant brands. We offer titanium and cobalt-chrome as materials, as well as anodizing for a golden colour.

Hybrid Abutments

We mill two-piece implant abutments, made of zirconia (or other material) on titanium base. Our offer ranges from the basic abutment to the screw-retained full contour crown. Abutments with angulated screw channel are available.

Implant Bars

Fixed or removable, our bars are fabricated with high-speed milling technology which provides extra accurate results. Our bars are compatible with platforms from leading implant brands (Straumann, Nobel, Astra Tech, etc.). Several bar types and profiles are available (Dolder, Hader, wrap-around, etc.).

Implant Planning and Surgical Guides

Taking into account the CBCT (tomography) and digital impression data, we plan implant surgery using the renowned coDiagnostiX® software. Once treatment planning is approved by the dentist, we print the surgical guide and insert the sleeves.

PEKK Implant Structures

We can mill implant-borne crown and bridge substructures and implant bars out of Pekkton® discs. Very similar to natural dentin, Pekkton® is a high-performance polymer by Cendres+Métaux. It is especially lightweight and absorbs shocks at 70%, thus preserving implants and the underlying bone.